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Austin Christianson - Connection and Worship Pastor

Austin started working part-time at Cornerstone Church in September of 2019 and joined the staff full-time in February of 2021. One of Austin’s favourite things about serving at Cornerstone is the intentionality of serving and loving one another. Community is very important to the church and growing together as disciples is a blessing to be a part of. A unique fact about Austin is that he is secretly hiding how much of a redneck he really is. Austin is married to Stephanie Christianson.

Dawn Grunau - Executive and Family Ministries Pastor

Dawn has worked at Cornerstone, in many roles, since September 2008. Her favorite things about Cornerstone are how loving the people are towards all the kids and families and also that she gets to work with so many amazing leaders! Dawn really enjoys reading (especially with a good cup of coffee) and spending time with her husband, Daryl, and their 3 girls, Elizabeth, Norah, and Claire.

Rick McCorkindale - Lead Pastor

Rick joined the pastoral staff at the beginning of 2015. His favourite part of Cornerstone is being part of a family that works hard to set people free to grow and use their strengths and giftings for God’s glory! Rick and Sylvia enjoy the simple & free joys of life in Saskatoon – walking & biking along the river, identifying birds and wildflowers, and once in awhile getting a superb photo. He and his wife, Sylvia, have three grown children and six grandchildren.

Michael Streilein - Student Ministries Pastor

Michael joined us in 2014 as the Director of Junior High Ministries, and in July of 2015 took on the role of Pastor of Student Ministries and oversees all of Cornerstone's Mission Programs as well as having the unofficial title of Staff Barista. His favourite things about Cornerstone are the amazing community and the openness to having young people get involved. Michael loves sports, board games, and a good cup of coffee. Michael is married to Kaitlyn and they have two children, Noah, and Abigail.

Elsa Guenther - Finance Administrator

Elsa has been on staff since October 2012. Her favourite part of Cornerstone is the people and their passion for sharing the love of Christ. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, photography, and gardening. Elsa is married to Duane and they have 3 children, Jael, Micah, and Isaac.

Lisa Hrycan - CAP Debt Centre Manager

Lisa joined our team in 2015, heading up our partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP). She is passionate about reaching out to those who are struggling with debt, connecting them with our church family so they are supported and loved, and, most importantly, so they can hear about Jesus as they work their way out into financial security. She and her husband William have the privilege of parenting two amazing daughters, Iona and Lena.

Kathy Janzen - Administrative Assistant

Kathy is the first person you’ll meet when you come to our office area. She has been the Administrative Assistant since 1994 and is a valuable part of our team. She enjoys talking with the people who come into the office during the week and loves each staff member that she works with, they are a joy to work with. She and her husband Sam have three grown children and eight grandchildren. They are enjoying their grandparenting stage of life and instilling the love of Jesus into their lives.

Joanne Thomas - Director of Family Ministries

Joanne has worked at Cornerstone in various rolls since September of 2012. Her favourite thing about serving at Cornerstone is that it allows her to focus on others rather than focusing too much on herself. Joanne enjoys being creative and is discovering the unique side of herself through photography and art. Joanne is married to Justin and they have two children, Kaden and Isabelle.