What Is Membership About?

If you love Jesus and have experienced His forgiveness and grace then you are part of His Church - “the Church Universal.” But that “Universal Church” has always been expressed in local gatherings of believers. And while “membership” isn’t a New Testament word the concept clearly is - Jesus’ early followers met in local gatherings and “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” (Acts 2:42).  Being a Jesus follower has always been done in relationship with Him and His people.


Membership in a local church is an intentional step of identification with His people and a natural part of being His disciple. Membership is a formal declaration that we are committing to this local gathering. We are saying, “these are my people - this is my family - and this is our mission.” As family we commit ourselves to love and invest in one another. We commit ourselves to working out the Great Commandment (To Love God and To Love Others) and the Great Commission (To Go!) in cooperation and patience with each other.


Membership also welcomes the church to join you in your path of discipleship. We commit to love you but also to be held mutually accountable for our growth and development in Jesus… because He never called on us to follow Him alone.

How Do I Become A Member?

The starting point is to talk to one of our pastors or begin by reviewing the Our Beliefs page on the website and reading the Membership Commitments that you will make (below). If this still seems like a the right place and the right people then fill out the Application for Membership Form (below) providing the required information and sharing a bit about your life with Jesus on the Faith Story Worksheet.


Once we have your application one of our pastors will contact you if you haven’t already talked. After that, your application will be shared with our Church Board and Spiritual Care Team so there are others ready to walk alongside you as you continue to grow and serve as a member of Cornerstone Church.


On the Sunday arranged you will be asked to share a bit of your faith story with the church (we will make that as easy as we can for you - doing it either live or through pre-recorded video). You will then be formally prayed for and welcomed into membership.

Membership Commitments

Becoming a member of Cornerstone Church means that:

  • You commit to sharing in and striving toward the vision and mission of the Church - to love God and to love others - and, by doing that, to see the world changed.

  • You commit to live in "a manner worthy of the Lord" - keeping our lives open to His commandments and walking in obedience to Him.

  • You commit to give gladly of our time, gifting and possessions to the Lord through the church. You will be faithful in church attendance and in serving Him as able.

  • You commit to live in love and harmony with one another, forgiving, admonishing encouraging and bearing one another’s burdens. You will submit to mutual accountability and loving oversight from church leaders.

  • You commit to be constant in prayer and to the active in our sharing of Jesus in our world.

  • If you move from this area you will, as soon as possible, seek another church, and practice where you can carry out the spirit of these commitments.

  • You commit to be a part of the decision making process for the betterment of our Church, which involves attending Annual General Meetings

  • You commit to the growth and health of the church, disregarding any gossip or slander, and bringing areas of concern forward in order to be resolved.

Application for Membership

Download the Membership Application below, or you can pick it up in the Church at the "Grow" table. You can email it to or give it to anyone on staff.

If you would like to have more information about membership, or would like to talk with a pastor to see if this is a good next step for you, please fill out the form below: